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Hi am Saad Blogger From Karachi, Pakistan and as you can see that i have been a generator mechanic for the past 12 years of experience in this industry. But now i am Full time digital marketer and affiliate blogger.

Is it Okay to Leave a Generator Running All Night

Topic: Is It Okay To Leave A Generator Running All Night? We discuss some of the dangers associated with running a generator all day and night. We’ll also discuss what precautions you should take to avoid these dangers and other potential issues. If you’re a homeowner, you know the risk of running out of power […]


How Much Do Portable Generators Weigh (Right Size For Needs)

Topic: How Much Do Portable Generators Weigh? If you’re looking to purchase a portable generator, you probably already know that they aren’t exactly lightweight models. the bigger the generator, the more energy it can produce, but this also means that it’s going to be heavier than smaller generators. You don’t need to buy one of […]


Can Generators Run on Heating Oil

Topic: Can Generators Run on Heating Oil When generators run on heating oil, what mechanical issues does your generator encounter? It turns out there are several, and some of them can be quite serious if not attended to immediately. This will list the top mechanical and other issues that occur when generators run on heating […]

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